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Everest 2014


The last part of Everest expedition of 2014 in pictures by Alex Abramov

07/06/2014 07:27

This season Mount Everest gave only to days for climb. We were lucky to manage to reach the top by all climbers and guides except two that got ill when acclimaizing.                                     ...

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Our expedition is in Kathmandu: Mt. Everest Summiter List of Spring 2014

29/05/2014 17:04

Mt. Everest (North Side) Summiter List of Spring 2014 All our Members and Sherpas had reached the Summit of the Mt. Everest from Tibet Side! The Mt. Everest Summiter name list is :            

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Alex Abramov from the North Col of Everest: all is OK, we continue our descent

26/05/2014 11:43

Alex report: Hello! Yesterday, May 25, our second team (all members and guides) also reached the summit of Everest. The weather was not very good. There were many people, too many. So we could not go down immediately to the camp ABC, as we usually do. The team spent the night at the camp an altitude ...

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Alex Abramov from Everest: SUMMIT! Our first team was on the top at 7 a.m.

24/05/2014 07:26

Hello! This is Alex Abramov. Today we have a great event. The first team - in strong wind and snow, reached the summit of Everest. They were on top at about 7 am, with a gap of about half an hour. All seven members, seven Sherpas and guide Noel Hanna were on the summit of Everest. Now they go down. ...

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Alex Abramov from North Col of Everest all goes according to plan, tomorrow – the summit bid ...

23/05/2014 09:58

Hello! Alex Abramov reports from the North Col of Everest. This is past few days, we hope - the last days of our expedition ... The first team of 9 members is now coming from the height of 7700 to the camp 8300 . Second team follows them from a height of 7300 to 7700 . Good weather - not a cloud. ...

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At last it begins! Members of our expedition and guides of 7 Summits Club started to conquer Everest

19/05/2014 13:50

Alex Abramov from the Everest base camp : As you understand, all members are alive and well, all ready to storm the Summit. May 17 th, after studying the weather forecast, the guides decided to start out in the morning on May 18th. Team led by Noel Hanna came out of the Base camp to the Middle camp ...

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Everest expedition the 7 Summits Club : big waiting at base camp began

14/05/2014 17:13

Our team sits at the base camp and it looks like another 10 days the weather will not good. Forecast gave a good weather on May 27, may be. Of course, if the monsoon not comes. We tried to have fun, watch movies etc. Billiards Championship of camp is in full swing. Maybe we'll go down to catch ...

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The party of friendship and acclimatization, devoted to the Victory Day.

10/05/2014 09:56

Alex Abramov: Yesterday, the 9th of May the 7 Summits Club provided the party of friendship and acclimatization, devoted to the Victory Day. It passed in a real warm atmosphere!!! All members of different expeditions come to us. All, who were in the Base camp. We sang, and ate, danced and played ...

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Pictures from outing to the North Col

09/05/2014 10:22


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Alex Abramov from the slopes of Mount Everest near the North Col

06/05/2014 13:37

  Hello! This is Alexander Abramov . I 'm on the ice wall near the exit to the North Col . Beautiful weather, no wind, heat. I want to report that all is well with us . The first team is now climbing to the North Col , in order to go on to a height of 7500 meters, with the purpose of ...

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Everest: Two groups together are resting at the ABC camp

05/05/2014 15:26

Hello! This is Alex Abramov, from the Advanced base camp at the height of 6400 meters, on Everest. Our second team descended from the North Col. Their overnight on 7000 was quite good. Unfortunately, we were forced to send down Konstantin Umrilov, he fell ill. Expedition proceeds. Tomorrow the first ...

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Alex Abramov from ABC camp

04/05/2014 20:52

Hello! This is Alexander Abramov, from cold Himalayas, Everest Expedition. Hello, warm, spring Moscow! Yesterday the first half of our team spent a night at 7 thousand on the Saddle (North Col). The second team left there today. A cold wind blows. But we do not lose heart. Everything else, internet ...

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Alex Abramov from ABC camp

02/05/2014 10:40

Hello! This is Alex Abramov from a height of 6400 meters, from advanced base camp. Today the first team (8 people) is here . We had breakfast , now it will be held ice classes. We will train ascending on fixed ropes, because tomorrow is our first team goes to the North Col of Everest in order to ...

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In the Everest base camp (BC) at an altitude of 5200 meters were held most high international table tennis competitions

29/04/2014 15:00

Almost all members of the group Everest climbers from 7 Summits Club took part in the competition. The event was held on the system "each with each" to 3 sets. Games stretched for almost the whole day. Chief judge of competitions was Ivona Zadarnovska-Wingert from Poland (by the friendly nickname ...

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Everest 2014: After a rest at the base camp, part of the expedition went to rest lower

29/04/2014 00:22

Alex Abramov from BC: Today, 11 members left in Old Tingri to lick their wounds. And remaining in the base camp 8 members staged bath. Sergei Larin - aka Doc, senior in the group, departing down. Ру gives instructions on how to behave in a civilized society and how to protect yourself from bird flu ...

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Alex Abramov from ABC camp

26/04/2014 19:39

Hello! It is Alex Abramov from the Everest expedition, the camp ABC, at 6400 meters. There, of course, real fridge yet. Very cold, wind . Today we went here without acclimatization. Since in the South all the expedition were canceled, now we are the great common hope. Because in the north there are ...

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Expedition made the first outing to the Middle camp

23/04/2014 14:28

Today, our team made the first acclimatization outing to the Middle Camp, at 5800m. There was strong winds. It was very cold at night, but we survived. Everyone could feel like in the drama on Everest hero, 90 years before, attempts to climb Mallory and Irvine ...   Lake near Middle Camp   ...

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Alex Abramov rested for two days in Old Tingri

23/04/2014 12:54

Alex: Because I had a bad cough and to prevent bronchitis, I went down for treatment at 1000 m below the base camp. To breathe "oxygen" and sleep in the warmth of the village of Old Tingri (altitude 4200m) . There I suddenly met a team of Alpine Club of MAI (Moscow Aviation University), which just ...

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Easter and puja were in one day - an amazing coincidence

20/04/2014 09:08

Photos from the base camp of the 7 Summits Club expedition...                                

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The first pictures from our base camp on Everest

18/04/2014 20:40


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