+7 (495) 642-88-66
200 USD less than in 2014!!

05.04.2015, Indonesia (Papua)
Ascent of Carstensz Pyramid

10.04.2015, Indonesia (Papua)
Ascent of Carstensz Pyramid with Local guides

12.04.2015, China (Tibet)
Everest (8848m) from Tibet. Full service: guides and Sherpas.

12.04.2015, Nepal
Nepal. Everest (8850m) South Side climbing expedition. (Full guides and high sherpa service)

12.04.2015, Arctica
North Pole: ski the Last degree. (111km ski expedition).

12.04.2015, Arctica
North Pole Visit (helicopter)

26.04.2015, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro climbing by Marangu route with local guide

21.03.2015, Our club's news
How to make a holiday in the middle of everyday routine ... Ask the 7 Summits Club!

20.03.2015, Congratulations!
Lyudmila Korobeshko and Alexander Abramov awarded the Order of Edelweiss

19.03.2015, Morocco 2015
From Morocco with a victory and a good mood!

08.03.2015, Equador 2014-2015
New Year expedition to Ecuador. Small photoreport ...

07.03.2015, Elbrus 2015
Welcome to Elbrus! See an Article about our favorite Refuge - LEAPrus

04.03.2015, Kilimanjaro 2015
The national record for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro without shoes

02.03.2015, Our Club's friends expeditions
Vyacheslav Adrov conquered the next volcano, it is, probably, the first Russian ascent on Apo?

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